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Hi, I'm Derek!


Derek Chew always knew he wanted to be a business mogul. He has spent the last twenty years doing business in Singapore with companies just getting their start in Asia but didn’t really find his niche until he was introduced to ASEA.



Diamond Makers

To be the leading ASEA Diamonds team in ASIA.

ASEA is a great company with extraordinary culture and ASEA Ethos relate exceptionally close to heart.  Our Founder: Mr Verdis Norton believes that we can change the world; one at a time, and this, spurs me to help even more people.  



Derek comes from a strong corporate background with management experience in Hewlett Packard and Singapore Technologies Group.  He was one of the youngest entrepreneurs in Singapore who was instrumental in bringing his consulting business to public listing with a major conglomerate in the Singapore Stock Exchange in 2000.

In 2007, Derek started Next Step Pte Ltd, headquartered in Singapore with focus of building Practice Leadership Team - a team of experienced leaders in specific industries with their distinguished expertise. Derek and the Practice Leadership Team has covered various key roles of clients in these areas as Senior Corporate Management, Field Advisory and Master Distributor of Asia.


​​Besides, Derek has impeccable field reputation with several well-known industry players. He is highly qualified and diversified as an accredited member of American Academy of Financial Management, Certified Chartered Wealth Manager, holder of a Master of Business (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia) and Bachelor of Science (University of New South Wales, Australia). Derek is also a certified Digital Marketer with 4As Singapore; which is increasingly competitive component for marketing strategies in Asia.

After discovering ASEA’s breakthrough redox signaling technology, he realized how relevant and crucial it was to introduce it to the Asian market. “ASEA redox technology fills the missing demand in health and wellness,” says Derek. “Its products are simple, innovative, and complementary to the human body.”

Derek says his use of ASEA products has helped him feel better in myriad ways, including an improvement in the quality of sleep at night. Now Derek enjoys swimming, working out, reading, and relaxing when he isn’t working hard as a top performer in Singapore. He is looking forward to experiencing the new ASEA Diamond Life program.

“Regardless of background and status, ASEA is truly a business for active lifestyles at any age and an equal opportunity to all,” says Derek. “The power of this distribution model has enabled me and my team to spread the ASEA redox technology with effectiveness and efficiency, changing the lives of individuals and uplifting their own beliefs to do more for themselves and the world.”


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